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Krystal Stone Exports Ltd and it's associates owns the quarries comprising of GRANITE,MARBLE,SAND STONE, SLATE, & LIME STONE(KOTA STONE) which are spread in various parts of Inndia

Krystal Stone Exports Ltd. having Italian computerized machineries is the FIRST WHOLLY INTEGRATED PLANT AT JAIPUR,INDIA to cater the need, of foreign buyer's for processing and fabrication of Tiles,Slabs, Artifacts,Vanity Tops,Grave Stone,Inlay and Overlay Works Etc.

The company is having computerized aided designs (C.A.D) Software and the the P.L.C. Machines in order to secure PROJECT WORKS of international standareds with it's proffessional team.

It is first companyin india who can supply all above products on international standards in any size and shapes. The Products are being exported to U.S.A, U.K.,MIDDLE EAST AND FAR EAST NATIONS.

The Competitive Prices and adherence of delivery schedule have won acclaim for the company among valued buyers.

Now K.S.E.L. is at your doorstep,to server you with varied stone products, in various Forms.

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